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Living in Spain’s countryside or in a small village

Exciting…you’re thinking of living in Spain and more precise in the Costa Blanca area. Whether it is to enjoy a new life, or to have a ‘pied à terre’ or holiday home.

You're maybe dreaming to live in an authentic Spanish finca, traditional ´Mas´ or charming old townhouse full of character, done up to your taste and with the comfort of today's standards. 

Probably you already know exactly what your desired home should look like, or you might have a rough, but probably 'picturesque', sense of it's style, atmosphere, location and surroundings.

Either way, to turn your dream into reality can be a rocky road here in Spain due to regulations, procedures, permits, contracts and contacts with architects, contractors, suppliers, builders… and language. Knowhow and 'knowwho' is what you need. 

Rustic property revival

We’re not just any estate agent, but a team of enthousiasts that are taken with the charm of living in the countryside or in a sleepy and ´slow life´ Spanish village. The rustic mostly dry stone buildings are, as far as we are concerned, something that is worth to preserve for the future.

We think it’s a pity that there is so much new construction only kilometers away, while so many potentially fantastic authentic houses are crumbling away unattended.

Renovation is an attractive alternative for new construction and most certainly has more character. You’ll get the house you love, renovated exactly how you want it. But you have to be a bit adventurous and you have to know your way around.

How we can help you 

With a personal dedicated and creative approach and with vast renovation and building experience on hand, plus the shared passion to revive Spain's typical traditional rustic buildings we'd be happy to help you pave the way to get things done. 

We can help you with all the steps along the way, offer you a selection of locations and properties, offer you buying consultation, help you with project plans, planning and project management up to interior design and the installation of high-tech solar systems.

All services under one roof

A preselection of rustic and rural projects

Making a good orientation of where to buy can be a time consuming pursuit. Also there are surprising areas to look into that you will not find so easily when you're new to Spain. We can help you catalyse the orientation proces. Plus from our selection we have all the information on hand and we know what you can and what you can´t do with a project. We assist you in the process of buying, permits and contracts which can be quite particular here.

 Plan & project development

After finding the right property, it's time for making a plan for (re)building. Based on your criteria and wishes, we can connect you to proven parties of architects, contractors, builders and solicitors. We can also provide you with 3D impression sketches of the aimed result.

 Planning & building guidance

The realization phase is just so much easier with an experienced partner on hand. If it's for the language, regulations, permits, we can prevent you from the pitfalls of building in Spain. Also we can help you plan and manage the building process step by step all the way.


Powered by the sun

With Spain's unwavering presence of the sun, current technology and recent government regulations such as cancelled solar tax, and the simple fact that rural property is a lot of times disconnected to the mainstream 'power' grid, there is virtually no reason not to install a solar system for abundant renewable energy. We know, and we can show you the state of the art installations, and inform you about ability and costs. 


Turn an old house
into a new home

‘eco smart’


About us

Over the seventeen years we are living and working in Spain we did several renovations, restaurations and new builds. On our own territory and outside of it.

Based in the mountains just outside Benissa near the Sierra de Bernia, we are living and working in our own best building practice, a stretched eco chic agriturismo with various constructions over 20 hectares in an idyllic and natural setting.

Fitted with a full powered solar energy system, an innovative rainwater collection and treatment plant and a waste water recycling system, we believe that progressive building doesn't have to compromise the authentic character of a rustic building.

See an impression here.